Stargirl’s Third Season Will Have An Amazing Cast: Here’s What We Know

Stargirl has been a major hit for legendary comic writer Geoff Johns and is likely to remain a popular and engaging series for many years. A large part of its success is built on the back of its amazing cast, which includes some fantastic actors and actresses. Taking a look at the cast for season three should get just about any fan pumped up for what this series will bring to the table again this year.


Expect a Star-Studded Cast

When checking out the cast list for season three of Stargirl, it’s not hard to get pumped up by the returning group. For example, Brec Bassinger will be back as Stargirl and provide the same acclaimed level of wit and gravitas to the role. Brec has been praised for their ability to portray a complex character with class and restraint and without resorting to overacting or mugging.

Other people returning for this season include Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan, Crusher Crock as Sportsmaster, and Paul Brooks as Tigress. These players were vitally important to the success of previous seasons and have been critical to its continuing interest. However, there is also some exciting new potential that we’re likely to see coming back for this season once again.

For example, Joel McHale, Neil Hopkins, and Joy Osmanski are all coming back, it seems, which is an enormous deal for fans. These actors and their characters brought a lot of heart to previous Stargirl seasons and will continue to be a balancing element in this season. Just as importantly, Keith David is expected to come back as Mister Bones, despite being defeated in the previous season.

Why Season Four Could Be Even Better

While it’s a bit early to start talking about season four, you know how fans are: they are always predicting what will come next. As a result, it is important to push for a fourth season to ensure that fans get what they want from a series that still has a lot of potential.

For example, there’s still so much room to explore the history of previous league members and their impact on the storyline. Can Stargirl and her team overcome that violent history? Season three looks to explore that question in further depth and provide a strong jumping-off point for a fourth season.

That’s why fans need to get out there and watch this series as much as possible. Creating high rankings may help to improve its presence and cause a higher level of interest. Even more importantly, it could help create the potential for further seasons, even beyond the fourth and potentially fifth.

Are You Pumped Yet?

As you can see, the potential excitement around Stargirl season three has reached a fever pitch in recent weeks. While the season is still a while away from release, the delay only seems to excite fans even further. This could result in a massive surge of interest in the series and cause an even higher viewership. Stargirl fans, the future looks great indeed!