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5 Fashion Brands Started By Korean Celebrities

They can sing, they can dance, and some can also extend their creativity to designing clothes, eyewear, bags and other accessories. What can these Korean celebrities not do?

From Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Jung to Big Bang’s G-Dragon, these Korean celebrities prove that they have what it takes to be not only musicians but be great entrepreneurs.

Whether it’s something that is an extension of their personal style or another outlet for creative expression, they’re doing something right with their brands that are in demand from not just their fans, but the international market.


Who: Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Jung

Fans: Irene Kim, Chriselle Lim

Seen on social media influencers like Irene Kim and Chriselle Lim, Blanc & Eclare has minimalist and easy to wear pieces that women love to wear. But it’s not just a fashion brand. Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Jung is the Creative Director of this lifestyle brand that reflects her personal style when it comes to fashion, accessories and beauty. She’s even done collaborations with Coterie eyewear and Keds shoes.

Who: G-Dragon and stylist Gee Eun

Fans: Krystal Jung, Soo Joo Park

Bulldog clips for US$30, a cotton baseball cap for US$172 and a hoodie for US$350, and everything on the member’s only site is sold out. That’s the hype and appeal for G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE luxury streetwear brand. Designed by the artist and his stylist Gee Eun, the brand has a range of tees, caps and accessories that reflect G-Dragon‘s aesthetic in his everyday life. In April, PMO collaborated with FRAGMENT for a capsule collection.

Who: F.T. Island’s Hongki

Fans: Seo Hyo-rim, Kara’s Nicole

With the slogan “as long as it’s fun,” you know this 5 year-old unisex brand will have lots of kitsch and quirky details. Founded by F.T. Island’s vocalist Hongki, Skull Hong sells an eclectic range of products such as charms, tumblers, bags, t-shirts and sweatshirts in bright colours with handwritten messages and illustrations.

Who: Apink’s Namjoo

Fans: EXO’s Sehun, Cha Eun-woo, GFRIEND

On 6 February, Apink’s Namjoo shared a teaser film via her social media channels officially announcing her fashion brand, Sugar Please. Since its launch on Valentine’s Day, the brand has released a variety of products ranging from girly dresses, silver bracelets that are great for layering, cosy hoodies and illustrated t-shirts.

Who: Dami Kwon and Jessica Jung

Fans: WINNER’s Jinu, Yang Mi

People in the know would know of Rare Market, a multi-label boutique in the upscale Gangnam district in Seoul. We11 Done is designed by Rare Market’s owners Dami Kwon (G-Dragon’s sister) and Jessica Jung, and launched in 2016. The concept of We11 Done is to create clothes that are rare and well done. With the demand from fashion insiders and the limited stockists, you’ve definitely got some competition getting on hands on these effortlessly cool pieces.

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