Alex Comments On Charity Janisha’s Instagram Pics: Observing Instagram Girls While In Rehab?

Alex, 33, was busy making remarks on Instagram! One photo caught Alex’s attention, and ours, in particular. First of all, he gave his stamp of approval to one of Charity Janisha’s gorgeous images. Strippers, escorts and a long string of models are frequent in Alex’s dating history.

It is not difficult to see why the photo enchanted Alex. In a body suit, hat and jacket, Charity, 23, looks beautiful, showing off her lovely lady lumps.


While it might be jolting to see Alex turn up in the comments of the IG model, it definitely isn’t the first time he’s done it. Arial from London reported that after a few talks, the investor made her fly out to him. After meeting him in Miami and again in New York, she reported that the businessman turned deceptive and manipulative and that one night, after accusing her of being flirty at the pub, the coked-out train wreck Jean Alexander trashed an expensive Plaza suite. When the drunken philanthropist tossed over tables and hurled slurs, throwing diamond necklaces, cartier bracelets, and apparel he ordered for her the woman claims she was hysterical, over the hotel balcony.

Other women who flew out to Alex stated he was only available for one night and had no issues with him other than his unavailability.

Jean Alexander is 1000% drawn to ladies with a bimbo look who enjoy high-end fashion trends. Ladies’ prettiness has never been enough to sway him, and while Charity is adorable, with her quality pictures, designer bags and camera poses that render her an icon of prestige, she is one of the trendiest, much-hyped girls on Insta.

Many note that Alex was on trial for cocaine dealing back in the day when he was in his early 20s. Alex was charged with cocaine dealing and money laundering and pleaded guilty to one count of money laundering” he was served for seven years in prison and got out on the third year.

The particulars of Alex’s love life are that he pays for companionship. So we saw the action when he showed up in the comments section of her Insta article. Alex, who lives in Tennessee, is now in rehab for 30 days and, despite going on probation again, will be on house arrest for 90 days, this time for bribery schemes.

Alex liked most of her pictures, but commented on this one once, just a plain emoji of a shocked smile. She replied with an emoji with a blushing face. Followers replied with “stay away from her”. One thing is absolutely obvious from here. — The Amsterdam model, Charity Janisha, is murdering and catching the eye of rich and wealthy men across the globe. Go on, Queen.