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How to Dress Like a Fashion Model

How to Dress Like a Fashion Model

Have you wished for quite a while that you knew how to dress like a fashion model? For all of those who do not actually look like a model: You do not need to look like a model to dress like a model! Some of you may be shaking your heads, insisting that you need to be stick thin and tall to wear what the models wear, but this is absolutely not true. No matter what your size, you can learn how to dress like a fashion model by following just a few guidelines. Learn how to look classy, trendy and stylish no matter what you age, weight or height.

You absolutely do not need to be a model to look like a model. Yes, models are ridiculously thin and they are stunningly beautiful, but the element that makes them look like models is their poise. It is their elegance. It is the way that they walk with super confidence that tells the world they are beautiful and to take notice. They act with manners, they show grace under fire. A model knows how to wear clothes that will play off of her assets. All of these qualities can be held by any woman. No matter what your age, weight, height, or any other attribute, any woman can learn how to dress like a fashion model.

Models are tall and thin and therefore can wear mini skirts, sans pantyhose. For the rest of us who have normal figures, we need to keep a few things in mind. If you do not have that model body, if you wear the same clothes as a famous model, you will end up looking like a fool. If on the other hand, you follow the suggestions of how to dress like a fashion model, you can alter the outfit in such a way that you will look like a model.

First, to learn how to dress like a fashion model, think about how models look, no matter what the outfit. They may be skinny, but generally, they do not wear skin-tight clothes. Why? Because it looks trashy. Their clothes glide over them, they flow, they look stylish and graceful. They do not need to struggle down the runway, hoping their outfit does not pop open. The clothes move with their body, they blow in the wind.

Look again at models. What do you see? Forget about those crazy Paris fashion shows in which no one really would wear the clothes in real life. Look at models when they are caught by Paparazzi, or when they are at an awards show. They are wearing clean lines. They are wearing coordinating colors. The clothes are not overpowering; they are simply flattering. Models will keep things simple; you certainly rarely see a model in a skin-tight polka dot mini dress.

To learn how to dress like a fashion model, think about accessories. They match the outfit. They are not overpowering. They simply add a bit of zing to a clean, flowing outfit and do not shout, “look at me!”. So what have we learned? You must first find easy, flowing clothes that fit you. Wearing clothes in the same size as a model will not make you look like a model. You must wear clothes in the size that fits your body. Then, the fabric will look elegant and flow with your body as you move.

The colors you wear and the styles that you wear should not be overpowering. Top a pair of jeans with a simple tank top. Wear a dress in a solid color, which makes you look slimmer anyway, and not in a blast of colors that will overpower the eye. Keep accessories as accessories; they should not be the first thing that someone notices, to understand how to dress like a fashion model; you need to emulate, not exaggerate.

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