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How To Torrent From Anywhere In The World

Many people gave up on torrenting a long time ago. Especially those that live in a country where the government had enough of torrent networks and decided to tell ISPs to forbid any kind of torrenting on their network. The risks involved with allowing someone to torrent are that people could still abuse the system by continuing to download movies, games, application and so forth illegally rather than trust people to use torrents in a legal manner. 

Well, good news if you miss using torrents or the new torrentz2. All you need to do is use VPN software to encrypt your connection to a torrent server and your ISP will be none the wiser. Furthermore, your ISP won’t care because, in their books, they are no allowing to use torrents because they cannot see what you are doing via a VPN. Therefore, the ISP is exempt from any wrongdoing. 

You may wonder why ISPs still allow VPNs over their network because the most obvious reason someone could be using a VPN is to do something illegal. It could be torrenting, accessing an illegal sports or movie streaming website or worst still many hackers use VPNs to hide their identity. 

On the other hand, VPNs are also used quite legitimately. There are a large number of people that do not want to log on to their financial accounts on an unknown network. Others just want to exercise their right to surf the internet privately without being spied on by their ISP or the government – both of which have been accused of spying in the past. 

At the end of the day, there is no way an ISP could ban VPN software from being used simply because there are so many legitimate uses out there. We all have the right to exercise our freedom of choice, and VPNs are one of those tools that help us do this. 

In the end, VPNs have paved the way for torrent users to download as many torrents as their VPN will allow without being detected. Most people connect to another country to download torrents. Some UK servers still use a UK ISP or USA servers use a US ISP, and so the torrents may not work. However, countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brazil, Russia, and many of middle eastern countries have not ordered ISPs to watch out for people downloading torrents. 

If you are still worried about being detected using a torrentz, then check out this website https://wheretheyounglearntofly.com/top-15-best-alternative-websites-like-xmovies8/ and read their content. This should put your mind at rest. 

To sum up, torrents are the best way to hide your IP address and encrypt your outgoing internet connections. Once you are connected to your VPN all data flows through the VPN and to the VPN server you chose to connect to. All data is pulled from the internet by the VPN server and in turn, sent back to your device. 

While all this is happening, all your ISP can see is an encrypted connection to a third-party server and your ISP has no right to being able to see the data being exchanged between your device and VPN server plus even if it wanted to, they couldn’t because they cannot crack through the encryption being used. 

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