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Kendall Jenner Makes Sure Justin Bieber Remembers Hailey Baldwin is Not All His After Deeming His Wife Mine

Justin Bieber went all out over the weekend, showering Hailey Baldwin with love in a new Instagram post. However, Kendall Jenner is making sure Justin remembers Hailey is not all his.
Kendall Jenner makes sure Justin Bieber remembers Hailey Baldwin is not all his after deeming his wife ‘mine’

Justin Bieber is painting the social media red with his love for Hailey Baldwin. The Canadian singer is known to never hold back from expressing his love for his gorgeous wife. The 25-year-old artist posts adorable pictures from time to time, telling Hailey and the world about how lucky he is to have Hailey in his life. While we’re a tad bit jealous, we love the unfiltered PDA that the couple does on social media. In his recent post, Justin shared a selfie proclaiming that Hailey is his and he is Hailey’s forever.

“You are so out of my league and I’m okay with that! You are mine and I am yours,” a portion of his caption read. He gushed about his wife with the hashtags reading, “forever and ever” and “til the wheels fall off.” While there is no denying they are each others’ only, Kendall Jenner is here to make a clarification. The supermodel took to the comments section to remind Justin that Hailey is not all his. For the unversed, Kendall is one of Hailey’s closest girlfriends and Kendall is not going to let JB have her all to herself.

The 23-year-old playfully commented, “she’s a little bit mine too,” with a raising hand emoji. Well, Justin, make room for the BFF.

Justin and Hailey are inching towards marking their first wedding anniversary. The couple secretly tied the knot in September 2018. The couple is reportedly expected to follow Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ step and remarry in a traditional wedding. The couple has been narrowing down on a wedding date but they have chosen to host the wedding only when they are ready. Justin is focusing on getting mentally better whereas Hailey is making sure she’s there for him at every step.

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